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Vision Conditions


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By making an appointment at Desmond Vision Therapy, Dr. Amy Desmond will perform an extensive evaluation to determine if one of the above conditions may be affecting you or your child's ability to learn and read comfortably.

The Myth of 20/20 Eyesight

The term "20/20 eyesight" describes a child's ability to read small letters at certain distances. It describes the ability to see while reading, copying from a school board, or driving. However, 20/20 eyesight never tells you if a child can:

• See clearly all day long
• Focus back and forth from the schoolboard to a book
• See single rather than double
• Read without getting a headache
• Follow words on a page without losing one’s place
• Read without becoming tired

Unfortunately, eye teaming, focusing, and tracking skills often are not assessed when children are examined in school screenings. Do not be misled by believing that 20/20 eyesight alone is all your child needs to reach his or her full potential.

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Amy Desmond, one of Lancaster's only developmental optometrists, to determine if your child is struggling with a vision related learning problem.

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Desmond Vision Therapy Visual Training & Rehabilitation


Many children suffer from visual conditions that interfere with learning and cause discomfort when reading that cannot be corrected with glasses.

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Ninety percent of individuals develop visual complications following brain injuries.

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Benefits of Vision Therapy

Vision therapy can enhance the visual system to function correctly and efficiently making learning enjoyable.

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